Composer + Technologist


M.R. Miller built robots for an opera for the Prince of Monaco (Death and the Powers). He also studied music composition and computer science at MIT and the MIT Media Lab (SB ’09, MEng. ’10), learning under composers Tod Machover and John Harbison. After graduating, he worked at MOTU as the lead software engineer for Digital Performer, the company’s renowned audio workstation. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2015, M.R. has arranged and orchestrated for Austin Wintory (ABZÛ, Banner Saga, Erica, Pode) and Brian Tyler (What Men Want, The Devil We Know, Fate of the Furious). He develops custom software and technology for music and media composers, such as the composing workflow tool Patchboard. He will soon be joining the game studio Naughty Dog as an audio programmer working on innovative interactive audio and music systems. Recent projects include “Progeny,” a sci-fi body horror short; Demon Turf, a retro 3D platformer; and the magical puzzle-platformer Evergate.

In 2021, he joined Naughty Dog as an audio programmer, creating next-gen interactive sound and music technology for games.

Awards + Accolades