Composer + Technologist

MOTU, Inc.

MOTU is one of the music technology industry leaders, creating professional audio hardware and software. From 2010 to 2017, I worked on MOTU’s flagship recording and mixing software, Digital Performer. Digital Performer is used by audio engineers, producers and composers the world over to create and perfect music. It is heavily favored by composers for film and TV such as Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino and Howard Shore (for whom I interned).

As a software developer for Digital Performer, I helped update it for 64-bit operation; added Punch Guard recording protection; rewrote the video engine from scratch; ported it to Windows; and added detailed error reporting alongside a slew of other bug fixes and new features. I interacted directly with professional musicians daily to resolve issues and improve workflows. This experience has made me intimately familiar with different techniques and approaches to production and scoring. I really enjoy tuning the tools for my fellow musicians to help them be more efficient and more creative.

In addition to being awarded a 2013 Electronic Musician Editor’s Choice Award, reviews have been unanimously positive:

[I]f you’re looking for a stellar platform for hosting virtual instruments, composition, notation, and film scoring, Digital Performer remains an exceptional choice.

Jamie Lendino, PC Magazine

DP8 is another impressive move forward in features and flow for a well-established and highly functional DAW.

Rob Tavaglione, Pro Audio Review

Digital Performer 8 has achieved that great balance of stability and innovation in my studio. My workflow was not impacted by the update, and the new additions significantly expand my capacity for great sound design and precise engineering. And being the good friend it has been to me all these years, DP 8 has suggested I plan for the future and see how best to migrate my system to 64-bit. If you’re a DP user, you’ll find all the surprises in this new version to be good ones, and if you’re looking for a new DAW (whether on Mac or Windows), there’s a lot to recommend DP as a truly professional platform for audio and MIDI, alone and for video.

Jim Combs, Recording Magazine